The Word vs The World

Is it true that the world is an ugly vile place that can corrupt your life if you let it? The saying, “it’s a cold world,” had to have developed out someone’s inability to deal with the twists and turns the world threw at them. Some people turn to God […]

King of the South

In 1996, Master P dropped Ice Cream Man. Twenty years later and over 75 million albums sold, Master P is looking to reinvent himself.  Now the phenomenal thing is that it was proposed that hip-hop would have been dead.  It was supposedly a flash in the pan.  They said that […]

What’s Happening Now

Candyman. Preach and Cochise.  James and Florida Evans. All of these characters are synonymous with Cabrini Green. Candyman, of the ones mentioned, is the only character that was not created out the brilliant mind of Eric Monte.  Monte, who was from the Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago, had plenty […]

Power To The People

It will officially be 50 years since the Black Panther Party was founded by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton. In 1966 the birth of the organization was spurred by police brutality and the citizens were looking to police the police.  Quite naturally, you are able to put that same […]

Plantation Celebration

Today, after seeing the Tariq Nasheed interview on the Breakfast Club, I was intrigued to learn more about the 4th installment of Hidden Colors.  Hidden Colors is a documentary about the origins of black people that are often times concealed from common knowledge.  I first caught wind of the documentary […]

Good Times

“Damn…Damn…Damn!” Anybody familiar with the show Good Times, knows that is the famous line where Florida finally breaks down after the death of her husband James.  It was an emotional episode as the family learned James had been killed in a car accident in Mississippi.  This was a turning point […]

Beyond The Plantations

Is it a possibility that one’s identity contributes to that person’s future and future decisions? Quite possibly.  In fact, I might be inclined to say that it certainly does.  The question then becomes what instances or experiences compile to produce this identity that we are in search of? Generation Gap […]

A Letter To Mr. Baldwin

I have long found the writings of James Baldwin to be quite profound.  His words are thought provoking on a level unparalleled in modern times.  It may be testimony to his two generations removed from slavery.  Perhaps it was his bout with his sexual identity. Indeed, while it can be […]

Fuck Cancer!

One day I was at home and had fallen asleep.  I lived maybe about a mile from where my mom worked so I usually picked her up from work on my days off and took her home. This day, I had decided that I would take a mid-afternoon nap and […]


It can be said that our identity is what defines us. We all seek to identify with something or hope that others identify with us.  You need identification cards to do most anything in life.  It has even become an issue where identities are being stolen. What happens when you […]