Is Hip Hop-Hop Dead

Is hip-hop dead?  To most of us who rock out to iTunes or stream music though Pandora, the question would appear to be asinine at best.  Then I’d tell you it depends on how you look at things and what perspective you answer the question from. The Golden Years Before […]

Home of the Brave

I think, for the most part, I’m disgusted about outrage over taking a knee during the American Anthem.  In a society where you are forced to accept transgender, gay and lesbian lifestyles there is still an effort to suppress equality.  I thought this was the reason why the LGBT and […]

Straight Clowning

Where did it start?  Who was the first person or group of people who thought this clown thing was funny? Reportedly, it started in South Carolina, with clowns attempting to lure kids into the woods.  Although this has not been confirmed to be true, the allegations were made back in […]

Re-Birth of a Nation

With the release of Birth of a Nation, it comes with mixed reviews.  Some say the movie is not particularly well done.  Others say it is a monumental experience and an effort unparalleled.  Especially due to the restraints of the director Nate Parker who had not always been met with […]

Lynch Mob

Just so you know how politics work, I’d like you to think of the paper trail that leads you back to your favorite business people and politicians.  Ironically the same people that we sometimes commend for being upstanding citizens, some of which may even be politicians, get caught in this […]

Who Are You?

Is it a possibility that one’s identity contributes to that person’s future and future decisions? Quite possibly.  In fact, I might be inclined to say that it certainly does.  The question then becomes what instances or experiences compile to produce this identity that we are in search of? Generation Gap […]

To The Victor Go The Spoils

A song.  An anthem that was created to inspire the tenacity of overcoming the fiercest of formidable foes and circumstances.  Looking up to the flag lit up by bombs bursting in air.  Makes you feel patriotic doesn’t it?  Makes you feel proud to be American.  Proud to honor the symbolism […]

Politics as Usual

After watching the debate last night, I’m no closer to trusting politics than I was a few months ago.  I have to be honest when I say Trump has a point when he says that Democrats have been promising the black community the sun, moon and stars then leaving us […]