Who Are You?

Is it a possibility that one’s identity contributes to that person’s future and future decisions? Quite possibly.  In fact, I might be inclined to say that it certainly does.  The question then becomes what instances or experiences compile to produce this identity that we are in search of? Generation Gap […]

To The Victor Go The Spoils

A song.  An anthem that was created to inspire the tenacity of overcoming the fiercest of formidable foes and circumstances.  Looking up to the flag lit up by bombs bursting in air.  Makes you feel patriotic doesn’t it?  Makes you feel proud to be American.  Proud to honor the symbolism […]

Politics as Usual

After watching the debate last night, I’m no closer to trusting politics than I was a few months ago.  I have to be honest when I say Trump has a point when he says that Democrats have been promising the black community the sun, moon and stars then leaving us […]

Vote or Die Trying

Black people have fought and lost their lives for the right to participate in the democratic process. Don’t be flimflammed into thinking that somehow placing your vote is an inherent right even though the Constitution would predict otherwise.  This is because as a black person in America, things have never […]

Gun Control…or Controlling us With Guns

So now I’m curious.  The Freedom of Information Act was passed that released all sorts of FBI and government documents for public viewing.  A somewhat kind gesture of our government to assume some sort of transparency.  Yet, video footage of a man being shot by police in Charlotte have been […]

Death Becomes Her

Death.  It’s all around us.  It festers around the corner.  Roadside in front of police.  In pews at church.  In our neighborhoods.  Often times even in our house.  Albeit uncomfortable, it is an inevitable stage of life.  An end.  An ultimate closure.  I find it peculiar that with the threat […]

The Importance of Nat Turner

Nat Turner.  I know the name sounds familiar, but truth be told, there is not much of his story told.  Although America has often tried to erase our history, it feels as though they have cleverly done so with Nat Turner.  Amidst the release of a new movie that is […]

Don’t Be Scared

In a pitiful disdain for black bodies, yet another unarmed black man was murdered in the street at the hands of the police.  It is utterly despicable the degrading of value in regards to black lives.  In no ordinary sane society does a man’s rejection to obey authority’s commands automatically […]

Born in the USA

Donald Trump tried to squeeze out a subpar admission that President Obama was indeed born in America.  Something we all know and has been proven already.  However, the admission was so poorly spit out and definitely not well received, that the efforts appear to be quite contrary to an effort […]