Gang Gang

Can it be said that our younger generation of men are actually seeking guidance and structure?  It’s almost hard to believe only because you see so many young black men that appear to not only have no direction in life, but seemingly don’t even want to gain any. It sometimes […]

It’s A Bathroom…Not Civil Rights

So now the government is telling us where we should go to the bathroom. This is getting absurd.  President Obama, as much of a fan I am, I can’t say I’m excited about this “directive” that is aimed at public schools.  The administration has decided that public schools must allow […]

To Have A Dream…Deferred

What happens to the dream deferred?  In 1951, Langston Hughes asked this question.  Sixty-five years later, I’m still not sure.  It’s uncanny that a question that sounds so trivial can have an answer so elusive that we still can’t seem to find where it is hiding. Now when Hughes wrote […]

My Nigga

Larry Wilmore created quite a stir after saying nigga during the White House Correspondents’ dinner this year.  Wilmore brought plenty of racially charged jokes that made several members of the audience noticeably uncomfortable.  In fact, even some black people found themselves uncomfortable and denounced Wilmore’s set during the dinner. Truth […]

The Scholastic Hustle

Schools allegedly exists for the sole reason of educating our youth and preparing them for a world that awaits them.  I say allegedly because often times it doesn’t feel that way.  In Detroit, teachers are forming “sick outs” in protest of wages that may not be paid as of June […]

Mommy Dearest

Last night VH1 had a special for Mother’s Day.  The special was rightfully called “Dear Mama.”  I was hesitant to write about Mother’s Day.  Partially because I know yesterday’s headlines and everyone’s newsfeeds were filled with the celebration of our mamas.  I thought perhaps nobody would want to read more […]

Not The Same Old Junk

Sitting back and relaxing, watching one of the thousands of reruns of Sanford and Son.  Of course, I’ve probably seen each episode a hundred times, but something new just popped in my head.  Of all the many years that I have watched and laughed at countless jokes and absurd Redd […]

Win, Lose or Draw…Or Compromise.

Is there truly any compromise n relationships?  Quite honestly, I think the word compromise is only used when talking about the man in the relationship.  Women don’t want to compromise, they just want to change us into whatever fantasy they’ve created or think that they deserve.  I know ladies, it’s […]

Is Hip-Hop Dead?

Is hip-hop dead?  To most of us who rock out to iTunes or stream music though Pandora, the question would appear to be asinine at best.  Then I’d tell you it depends on how you look at things and what perspective you answer the question from. The Golden Years Before […]