Flight Risk

What ever happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?  A little over two years ago, the entire aircraft seemingly vanished.  Nothing more that small debris claimed to have been from the aircraft that washed ashore.  The aircraft lost contact with radars and air traffic control and was never to be found […]

Child’s Play

I am unapologetically angered about an incident in Newark that happened a few days ago.  The calamity of law enforcement nearly cost a 10 year old child his life.  Legend Preston was chased down by tactical law enforcement agents with guns drawn because he supposedly fit the description of a […]

Identity Theft

It can be said that our identity is what defines us. We all seek to identify with something or hope that others identify with us.  You need identification cards to do most anything in life.  It has even become an issue where identities are being stolen. What happens when you […]

Poetic Justice

Poetry has been said to be the most powerful words that can be used to move people.  Even in a revolution.  This was first mentioned by James Baldwin many decades ago.  He, himself used poetic prose to stimulate the minds of people who had become stagnant or forgetful of their […]

Permission to Be Black

As we prepare for the changing of the guard, the political hot seat is on fire.  The anxiousness of wondering what will happen next.  The uncertainty of what our futures might hold in the hands of either Trump or Clinton.  As a leap of blind faith, I figure black America […]

The Tale of Two Cities

After plenty of debates and stories of police having absolutely no clue how to handle anyone who appears, using the word appears in the most satirical way possible, we come across a story of a Florida State University student who apparently has attempted to eat the face off of an […]

Class Act

In an age where race has dominated much of the political conversation, it can become a little overbearing.  Unfortunately, race is as much a part of American culture as anything else you can think of.  With this in mind, we have tried, searched high and low, for other avenues to […]

These Are The Breaks

Today, I watched a particularly, scholarly discussion of hip-hop.  It was a debate I found between Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.  Contrary to what you might think, these two have a different view of hip-hop and while they both revel in the core of hip-hop, both culture […]

Minority Report

As inconsistent as most reports are, the Department of Justice is supposedly a higher ranking office that, when reports are generated, they are taken seriously.  But is this always the case?  Even after reports came out from Ferguson about police misuse of force. Obvious profiling and other issues within the […]

Land of Opportunity…For Everyone?

America is the land of opportunity. Or at least that is the image that is cast upon us.  Is there truly opportunity for all?  This is a question that has burned the souls of black America for hundreds of years. Of course, I am grateful not to be a part […]