Hit Squad : Soldier Down

Last night I sat in front of my computer trying to think of what I should write about.  I have been writing about police brutality, white supremacy and the state of America and blacks in America for several days. Uncertain of what to write, I was debating, then I heard […]

So Now That We Are Woke…What Do We Do?

Often enough, especially in most recent days, we have been forced to call out the underlying deficit of morality that holds America up like stilts on a circus clown.  In this effort to shout out the wrongs and create the rights we are confronted with a beast of our own.  […]

So, Melania Trump does a speech at the Republican National Convention eight years after Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. There are some apparent similarities between the two speeches. Social media, of course, has made a major mockery of her and subsequent denial of any type of plagiarism. It’s fascinating to […]

The Secret

Has the struggle of black people become so innate that our battle within sometimes outshines the evils that created the struggle in the first place? What do I mean by this?  Quite simply, we have been conditioned in a manner that has made us so war ready, that we tend […]

High Court

After seeing the video of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade delivering a message at the Espy Awards on behalf of a community struggling to find its place after two back to back shootings by police.  Okay, I’ll call it what it was, two murders at the […]

School of Hard Knocks

It’s a scary idea to fathom, but how does it feel when the ones you expect to have your back, indeed are the ones who have the least interest in your success?  It would appear to be quite overwhelming, to say the least.  This is the circumstance that Dr. Steve […]

Rise And Shine

  What is it about diamonds and gold that excites us s much?  And yes, when I say us, I’m talking about you and me and the rest of black America.  It might be the fact that we have come form so little, that every moment deserves a celebration.  Much […]

Venus and Mars

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  At least, I believe that’s where they are from.  Then again, who knows?  All jokes aside, there are some complicated differences between the two.  However, how do we come to a happy medium? He Say She Say Often times, if not […]