Only a few days into 2018 and most people have failed at their resolutions already.  Some may be hanging on by a slim thread of hope.  A small few may be going full steam ahead.  Whichever category you fall into, the fact remains that a new year often offers a new beginning of sorts.  A renewal.  A replenishment.  What will you do with your new beginning?

New Year, New Me

I would suggest making goals all year.  This will help you with making short term goals leading up to bigger ones.  The magic in this is that you will not make one huge declaration at the beginning of the year and feel desperately deflated if this huge goal is not accomplished.  By setting small goals, perhaps weekly, you build up a regimen of small steps toward the bigger picture.  Just think of how much easier it is to accomplish smaller goals like performing 30 minutes of physical activity 3 days a week as opposed to breaking into the new year pledging to go to the gym every day and be thin by the time you start planning summer vacations.  Let’s be realistic.  If you’ve already gotten 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, you would be that much closer to achieving the goal of working out daily.  In fact, you would be nearly half way there with the one short term goal! But don’t stop there.  We’re not just talking about working out.

Lifestyles…And I’m Not Talking About the Condoms

Going to the gym and losing weight is a great concern for us all.  Especially as age and waist sizes start to increase.  However, that goal setting and eventual accomplishment is what everything else needs to be modeled after as well. I had an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine not too long ago.  Derrick is a couple years younger than me and definitely smaller.  He laughed before he said this and even warned me that I might laugh as well.  But, his goal was to get more physical activity and lose about 15 pounds.  I laughed because of two things.  The first being that I didn’t really think he needed to lose 15 pounds.  The other being that I could only wish that 15 was all I needed to lose. We joked back and forth for a moment, but then he got serious again as he sometimes does.  He told me that the discipline to work out and change your diet may be the toughest discipline to adapt.  With this being said, he noted that if he was able to accomplish this goal then the discipline to stay focused on his career goals and advancement into his expertise would come easily. I had now visualized his thought process.

One Step at a Time

As cliché as it sounds, any goal you set out to accomplish can only be done so one step at a time.  That conversation really got the wheels spinning in my own head and even though what he said seems elementary at the surface, it supplied a deeper understanding of what I needed to do to get focused in other aspects of my life.  Since I’ve struggled with weight pretty much my entire life, I know how brutal it is to stick with workout schedules and altered eating habits which makes me believe even more that if I can discipline myself to accomplish those goals then the discipline to get focused on producing content and writing will come easily.  And who doesn’t like easy?  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE!

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