FLIPSIDE INK LLC was founded in 2010 by Quincy L. Lewis. As an aspiring writer, Quincy wanted to publish his writings and decided there was no one better to do that than himself. Armed with the ambition to create a publishing company in which to produce and publish his own work, Quincy learned the business of publishing. Thus FLIPSIDE INK LLC was born. Since 2010, Quincy has published 4 books under the publishing house and has switched gears to try to help others who have books within themselves, but do not have any idea how to get them out of their heads and into the hands of eager readers. With this in mind, FLIPSIDE INK LLC looks to provide consulting for aspiring writers as well as opportunities to be published. The goal at FLIPSIDE INK LLC is to help aspiring authors, whether that is accomplished by giving you the knowledge of how to self-publish, providing useful marketing tools, editing manuscripts or publishing your work right here at FLIPSIDE INK LLC! The publishing company is the parent company to other media outlets which includes a podcast network (E-Block Radio), an online magazine (Heat Check Magazine) and a record label (5851 Records). Click on our services to see what resources you would like to take advantage of as you take on the world of publishing!


~MISSION STATEMENT Empowering aspiring writers with the tools and resources to get the ideas out of their heads and into the hands of readers across the globe.