I’d yet to watch the supposed OJ hypothetical confession when I received a text message from one my friends.  In the text message was a link to another article.  The headline read “I realize white people were right all along.”  Of course, this intrigued me, so I read the piece.  It was entertaining and factual.  Some of the sentiments I might even agree with, but since this is not a review of that piece, I’ll let you read the Root.com joint at your leisure. I will say this though, for whatever reason, I am still holding onto an idea of his innocence.

Breakfast of Champions

Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee were talking about the hypothetical confession on the Breakfast Club this morning.  Charlamagne went on to say that anybody who thinks OJ is innocent is stupid.  Okay, he may have not said those exact words, but we know that’s what he meant.  Again, for whatever reason, I’m still clinging to his innocence. I guess I’ve never known the US Government to botch such a sensational case.  Especially one involving a black suspect and two white people.  Not one white person, but two! The same system that justified the mutilation of Emmet Till, the same government that allowed the original Birth of a Nation to air inside the White House.  The propaganda film that showed black people as murderers, rapists and thieves.  This is a concept and ideology that has lived far beyond the films airing and continues to march forward as countless black bodies become victim to the utter disregard of the police.  Yet still, they couldn’t do good enough detective work to put the Juice in jail?

These Are My Confessions

The confessions were available many years ago.  I’m not sure what made Fox decide to air the supposed lost confession, but here it is.  Out for everyone to go crazy and debate about.  Apparently, the hypothetical confession was originally taped in 2006, probably in a marketing attempt with the infamous “If I Did It” book.  Needless to say, the book went on to be a bestseller and I’m sure nothing was said in the hypothetical confession that wasn’t outlined in the book.  So why is everyone up in arms now?

Where’s AC When You Need Him

This is a wonderful opportunity for AC to come out and let the world know that he is the one who actually murdered those two in some jealous rage over his man crush on OJ.  Okay, that may be farfetched, but if Fox can put on a hypothetical confession, then I should be able to make my own theories as well.  The sad fact about this whole thing though, is that I never actually cared if OJ was innocent.  In a vile, inhuman and unconsciously reckless thought, I was more concerned about the inner-workings of the corrupt LAPD and other police forces around the country.  Police forces who have been telling their partners to “sprinkle a little crack” on the suspect as Dave Chappelle joked in one of his sets.  Although it was a joke, the seriousness of police set-ups and cover-ups were real.  This notion is what lead me to disregard the lives of two individuals in search of a much-needed rectification of a permanently fractured system that, even in it’s conception, was produced without us in my mind.  For that I am apologetic.  Only because my humanity should prevail as I know what it feels like to have murderers set free.  Murderers who have left trails of black bodies in their wake only to live to patrol the streets again. But even still, I cheered at the not guilty verdict.  I cheered as if there was something to cheer about.  Years later, we must be paying for that “victory,” with the lives of all my brothers and sisters who have lost their lives at the hands of those who are supposed to be protecting us. In the grand scheme of things though, I know Fox was just looking for ratings, but then again, it would be an effective ploy to re-cast black people as we were in that original Birth of a Nation film following the positive reinforcements of the now over $1billion worldwide grossing Black Panther.  You’d be amazed if you really took notice of the way they’ve conditioned us via the media for this long, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Black Pride

With the Black Panther movie breaking all sorts of records and encouraging black positivity, the system has always been designed to detect and destroy these types of movements.  Yes, I know it’s just a movie and Wakanda is not even real, but the feeling is real.  The feeling of pride and unity when you see positive black figures on the big screen.  Not only that, but these are positive black figures that attempt to restore our connections to Africa.  You may not see it as this initially but watch as the media circus builds around OJ’s hypothetical confession.  Soon we will be divided by those who think OJ is guilty and those of us who hang on to this thin thread of supposed innocence.  In either case, we’d be losing sight of Wakanda, so I could care less if OJ did it. The judicial system has been screwing us since they pump faked us with the 13th amendment, it’s time to let OJ and the OJ trial go.  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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