With President Trump taking advantage of his power and pushing forward with agendas that create the utmost divisiveness, it is concerning , to say the least, in the directives he is looking to be enforced.  Aside from pushing full force with the effort to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, attempting to implement the “stop and frisk” authority for police in your neighborhood sooner than later and finally vowing to send federal agents to Chicago.  While I know most are alarmed by the violence and death destroying families and neighborhoods in Chicago, spending all of my life in Detroit, I understand the struggles of the windy city. It theory, it may seem practical to send the feds to Chicago and arrest all the bad guys. But to me that sounds like a bad movie plot.  Perhaps if this was a 2 hour movie, it’d be great.  The police come in and clean up the neighborhoods from crime and violence and the day is saved.  Roll credits.  Unfortunately this is not Hollywood.  A far cry from Hollywood.  In fact, there’s no acting here at all.  This is real life.  Real life filled with failed schools, failing economy, dwindling resources and a government that is looking to exterminate rather than regenerate.  For most of us, the threat of violence and death is scary.  For those living in Chicago, the threat is imminent, but I still don’t think that sending a federal agent presence into these communities is a long term fix.

The Life of a King

Strangely, and quite coincidentally, after contemplating these ideas about Trump sending the FEDS to Chicago and nearly getting into a senselessly sensitive conversation with my lady (sorry baby, I didn’t mean to yell at you) because of my passion on the topic, I saw this movie.  It ironically mirrored my sentiments of what is needed.  I know some have argued, many behind keyboards on social media, the need for such a force to be sent to Chicago.  I, for one, am not one of those.  In this move, The Life of a King, an ex-con shows some inner-city kids headed in the wrong direction, something new.  The game of chess.  A simple resource.  A simple opportunity to do something different and by all means less expensive than sending the FEDS. I figure if money is available to do this, then there should be money available to develop schools and other resources to give cities like Chicago a chance to make themselves better like what happened in the movie, which by the way was a true story.  Sending the FEDS to Chicago, however is perfect for the continuing upward trend of mass incarceration.  The machine that fuels much of the nation’s economy with cheap labor.  So, of course, for Washington, this is a great idea.  A great idea for America.  America who sometimes tricks us into dreaming the dream that, must I remind you, was never created with us in mind.  And when I say us, yes I mean black people.  I have plenty of white friends, colleagues and counterparts and aside from that fact, I will never fail to realize the existence of the inevitable divide. Most of us all can identify this divide. Whether we choose to or not, it doesn’t magically make it disappear.

American Pimp

With this in mind, I refuse to sit idly by and think that because Chicago has gotten the spotlight for violence, that we will be sucked into this vacuum of government oppression to think that there is any other motivation behind sending the FEDS to Chicago aside from money.  Because I know how America works.  It’s capitalism.  Capital is the motivation of every American government decision.  If you don’t believe me, just check their record. Pimping and hustling didn’t come from the streets of Oakland.  The streets of Detroit or the streets of Chicago.  The original pimps and hustlers came from the steps of the White House. Facts. We’re the whores.  The whores who walk the streets to make money and when we get out of line, the pimp scolds us.  Not because he wants us to do better for ourselves, but because he wants us to do better for him.  And that’s how I see Chicago.  The FEDS aren’t going to clean up Chicago to help Chicago.  They’re going to put the pimp hand down so they can get out of it what they think they are owed. I guess what I’m wondering is what happens after you send the FEDS?  When do they leave?  What happens after they leave if still there is no substance in education or resources?  Nothing.  Just more privatized prisoners and more money for America the beautiful.  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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