Am I wrong because I ain’t votin’ for Oprah?  Now in all reality, we’re not even sure if she’s actually running for president.  I guess her speech a few days ago got people riled up and ready to follow behind our next great leader.  Or perhaps any leader aside from the one we have now.  But, is another media megastar the answer?

Hollywood in Washington

Since Ronald Reagan and probably before, there have been a few celebrities that held public office.  None as unexperienced as Donald Trump, who was fresh off of his TV show during the primaries.  Now with a looming threat of a second Trump term, we’re scrambling on what to do next.  Another TV star is not the answer to our government issues.  At least, that’s what I believe. Then again, years of politicians haven’t proven to be much better, especially when money and special interest rule the government anyway.  So, in the grand scheme of things, why does it even matter who is the White House?

The Big O

Oprah has undoubtedly made advances that no black man or woman had done in the entertainment industry, however, I’ve always had some lingering disdain for Oprah.  Is it a natural disposition or has America’s way of dividing us sank into my psyche?  I’m not certain, but I have always felt a level of separation between Oprah and myself.  Between Oprah and my community.  Again, this may be because America has taught me to divide and conquer within my own community and because of that I may be acting it out at this juncture.  Regardless of the catalyst, it remains true.  I’m not necessarily a fan Oprah running for president, because I am not a fan of Oprah.

The Divide

The story of rags to riches is always encouraging.  The fact that a black woman from the deep Jim Crow South of Mississippi has made it to multi-billionaire status is phenomenal and encouraging for somebody from the 48205.  My zip code was once referred to as one of the most dangerous zip codes in the country.  Nothing to be proud of, but knowing Oprah’s story should have been encouraging.  And it was.  But, I never became a fan. I’ve never particularly found Oprah’s aim to be to identify with me or others like me.  Is that selfish?  Am I selfish for acting like Oprah owes me something?  Because the fact it, she does not.  She doesn’t owe me or anyone anything.  In fact, had she come up making moves as if someone owed her something, we wouldn’t have the Color Purple movie or the Oprah Winfrey show, let alone every avenue that has come to fruition because of her trailblazing.  So, what is my problem?  I constantly crucify her in my head for not being an advocate of hip-hop, the culture that raised me, always arguing about how  she never had anybody influential to the culture on her show.  I always felt like she was transcending and leaving us behind.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what America wants me to do.  Find a way to denounce those who are trying to make a way for our advancement by tearing them down due to some crippling sense of entitlement. It is possible that I have fallen into this trap.  The crazy thing is that even with these acknowledgments, I still feel the same way. I am hopeful that perhaps Corey Booker or Eric Holder will make a run.  Either of the two, I am a little more comfortable with their political background.  Although, like a buddy of mine reminded me, the President is pretty much the biggest acting job in the world…so why not let a celebrity do it?              I’m sorry…I just ain’t votin’ for Oprah. Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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