By now, the emotions have settles a little.  At least if they haven’t the reality has had to set in by now.  The reality that a realtor and reality TV star has become the president of America.  It may be the fact that despite any good that may have been done by the Obama Administration, the American people are fed up with government.  The promise to bring the country back to the people is somewhat enlightening.  Somehow the idea that the country can once again be yours is inviting.  A chance to really have your voices heard.  Then you remember…this had always been the promise, just not for you.

Race to the Finish

As disheartening as it is to think of race when you think of America.  It is unequivocally inevitable. While class and sex are thrust into the conversation, it again loses the focus of a voice that has been hindered for years.  Decades. While most in my community tried to fight against the machine and not watch the inauguration, I chose to watch it.  Although I did not watch in its entirety, I was able to see the swearing in and hear President Trump’s speech.  The divisive language was draped in patriotic rhetoric that sounded more like Nazi Germany propaganda. Not to make an ill-advised comparison, but maybe the comparison is stemming from fear.  Fear that once again we might be in a position to fight for our rights.  Which in theory sounds like a worthy cause, however when the system is intrinsically modeled for the oppression of certain groups of people, the plight of our movement seems imminent.  But what lies next for us.  This time, when I say us, I mean all of us.  All of us under the rule of a thirsty, sometimes villainous figure whose promise of making America great again has gotten some riled up and others fearful of what the future may bring.  In this moment, I know the time for unity and some sort of movement.  The odd thing is that I’m not certain how to maneuver. Could that be the failing structure of our movements since the Civil Rights push?  The fact that we struggle with identifying leadership.  Perhaps that is why an astounding number of voters elected a reality TV star and business mogul as the leader of the free world.  A leader who has unsavory ties with the likes of Putin, just to name one. But, I have never depended on government even when we were graced with the presence of our very first black president.  I understand that a black face on a bottle of poison does take away from the fact that the content within the bottle is still poison. It just looks more inviting than a skull and cross bones.  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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