Mortality and the mere thought of it forces us to put everything we have and everyone we know into perspective.  The slight of the clock’s ever so quickening hand slices away seconds of our lives with each tic and every tock. The thoughts of chances missed and opportunities mishandled dance in our heads creating such a mess that it is hard to sleep at night.  Laying awake during the wee hours of any night purged by the thoughts of our own mortality is an experience that I am sure most have had.  Even more so when challenged with ascertaining the essence of life when someone close has vanished from existence due to this same mortality.

Timeline Love

I often see blessings and RIP wishes stapled to my timeline.  These sentiments sent out, posted, tagged and shared throughout the world via the vehicle of social media, stand cold and silent, yet speak volumes.  Volumes of people and feelings.  Some feelings and words lost on the world wide web that were seconds too late or maybe years too late to fall on the living ears of the owners of those pages.  Give me the love now!  I want it now.  I don’t want survivors to know how much you love me and I had no idea while I was living.  I know most mean well, but in the constraints of our own days, our own trials, our own tribulations, we forget to give each other the love necessary while we are here to absorb it.

Show Me the Love

Our souls nearly demand love and acceptance.  While most will not admit to the need to be accepted in some form of another, we all do.  Whether that be the acceptance of your peers, parents, children and even your siblings, the existence remains.  That existence of the need to be accepted is what pushes us to succeed.  Oddly enough, the person you may be looking for the most acceptance from may be staring back at you in the mirror while you are wiping crust from your eyes in the morning before venturing out into the world. Regardless of where that need is directed, the love from others and acceptance into that love fuels the soul.  Unfortunately, some people live their entire lives without knowing truly that someone loves them or someone has accepted them…not even God.

Mortal Kombat

A strange play on the title of a video game that I grew up playing, early mornings before school and late nights after football practice, it is indeed mortal combat.  A fight with our own mortality.  Although we all know that we are destined to die, we often choose to live as if it isn’t the obvious conclusion to life and neglect to treat those around us as if they aren’t also cursed with that same fate.  So don’t waste time with anger, despair or negativity when the hands of time are slowly slicing away at our lives.  I want my love before I’m tagged in an RIP post on Facebook.  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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