After all is said and done, the noise makers are in the trash, the party hats are balled up between empty beer cans and half eaten sandwiches battling for position in an overcrowded trash can, the reality and realization of a new year is upon us.  While many set forth to take advantage of the theoretical clean slate of a new year, there is the silent moment in between time that sets the tone for the year.

Time For Some Action

It may be obvious and somewhat unspoken, however it is the action that is needed this year.  And even though, again, it would appear obvious, it is more important than ever now.  The political climate is changing.  The social climate is bubbling with uncertainty as police begin to militarize and black bodies become casualties of war.  Casualties of a war against anyone who stands in resistance against the imperialistic demeanor of the American Dream.  Led in force by the new commander-in-chief who appears to have no functioning knowledge of how to run a country, yet systematically is just what the powers that be needed to press the underlying agendas that have been in play even while President Obama has been in office.  Don’t be afraid though.  It is time to become vigilant and focused.  Focused on not only what is prosperous for you and your family but also on what might be prosperous for the community in which you are from and live in currently.  This is a greater time than any for unity and the re-emergence of a renaissance.  Much reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance.  The arts, words and music of this time will be beneficial in the re-shaping of the future of America.  There is power in art.  There is power in words.  There is power in music.  All of these powerful means not only help restructure the culture, but it also gives us an opportunity to rewrite the narrative.  The narrative that will be crucial in molding the future of this country, this world for the ones who come after us and the ones who come after them.  So today is a new day, a new year and a new focus on action!  Happy New Year!  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

White clock with words Time for Action on its face

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