Last night, I was a witness to Tom Brady winning his 5th Super Bowl championship.  Something that has never been done. Brady, who I’ve been a fan of since his days at UofM, was barely thought of at draft time in 2000.  Not drafted until the 6th round, Brady saw 6 quarterbacks selected before him, none of which proved to be as good as him.  Yet, even after commentators and draft analysts overlooked Brady, even at the combine, Brady still stayed determined.  After Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury, Brady took the reins and never looked back.  Fast forward to Super Bowl 51, Brady has won his fifth and could possibly earn at least one more before retiring.  Throughout the whole process I have been a fan.  But now, because of political affiliation, being a fan of an athlete comes with consequences.

Players and Politics

I posted a stat about Brady and the Patriots before the start of the game and to be honest, I was expecting some comments about the Donald Trump connection.  And sure enough, there was. Perhaps I’m naïve. To a certain degree, I don’t necessarily agree with his political views, however, I guess I never felt it was important enough to stop rooting for a sports team. Somewhere around 63 million people voted for Trump, so I would classify them as supporters.  Of these 63 million people, I figured I’d have to pretty much boycott everything if I stopped dealing with people who support Trump.  I mean, the way I see it is that most elite white men in America probably voted for and support Trump.  With this being said, those elite white men more than likely have some hand in some form of entertainment, commerce or media faction that we all deal with on a daily basis, so I couldn’t pull myself to root against a University of Michigan alum.  I have to be honest though, after reading the comment from my friend LA, I second guessed myself a little.

Sports Talk

He confirmed that after the hearing of Brady’s support of Trump, he immediately discontinued his allegiance with the Patriots. I laughed a little initially.  But maybe he was right. I really started second guessing when it looked like the Patriots were about to be blown out.  Then I decided I wasn’t going to dismiss being a fan of Brady.  And although he did admit to supporting Trump, I think I am going to attempt to separate sports from politics.  Maybe being a part of a few football teams in my life has given me a different perspective.  I’ve been on teams with teammates who have been so far removed from black culture and black people in general that their ideals were far removed from mine, both politically and socially. However, on the field, it always was about football.  Not about politics or social topics.  So again, perhaps I am naïve in putting Brady’s alliances to the side to be a football fan. But then again, I was taken aback by Steve Harvey skinning and grinning at Trump Towers and I still catch reruns of Family Feud.  I guess I’m just a sucker for good entertainment.  Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady chats with Donald Trump (Photo by Donna Connor/WireImage)

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