Today, I attended a funeral with my lady.  Nicole and I showed up just in time for the opening of the ceremony.  Her aunt, who I have possibly met once or twice had passed and we were there to pay our respect.  There is an odd, almost peculiar ambiance at funerals that I can hardly explain.  Of course, there is sadness and grief for those we have lost, but in the midst of this also resides a search for comfort and celebration.  Indeed, once one has transitioned into the afterlife, there is a cause for celebration.  A celebration of the life that was lived.  A concentration on that notion rather than the notion of death. As I sat a few rows ahead of the rear, I gazed into the flat screen televisions on either side of the room that was playing a loop of pictures transitioning in and out for display. In the beginning, I thought of my mother, who less than two years ago, we laid to rest on my birthday.  I miss her.  Quite selfishly, I began to reminisce on her life and the memories we’d shared but had to snap out quickly as to pay the proper respects to the family and their current disposition.  Doing so was not easy, but I managed to gather my composure.

Time To Go

As the minister began the eulogy, his premise was time.  A notion that was all too real to me but had landed at my feet once again in message. He began to break down the essence of time.  Time in the matter of days, hours, minutes, then comically he mentioned how the seconds were such a high number that he wasn’t sure he was able to count that high, so he wouldn’t attempt.  The family, including myself, cut the haze of grieving with a much-needed chuckle.  But, what he alluded to was true.  There is time.  Time situated for all of us.  Not only ourselves, but time that we must share with others.  Breaking the time down into hours really makes you take notice of how much time is wasted on frivolous things.  Things that do not motivate your purpose.  Things that don’t allow you to help others.  Things that more or less are worthless. How will your time be spent?

Time Is Up

One thing is for certain, as the minister noted, death is upon us all.  This is one thing that is identical with the writer of this blog and any of its readers.  We all shall face death one day.  The question is, what will you do with the time in between.  In my mind there is no greater motivator than knowing when your time is up.  It is the ticking clock that keeps the undergrad student up all night before the due date of the biggest project of the semester.  It is the beating heart of the mother reaching for a baby who has darted for the street. It is that universal thing that reminds you that you’d better get your things in order. I sat there in the row with my lady on the left and an older woman who shouted Amen at nearly every syllable. Overcrowded by thoughts of missed opportunities and lost time that I will never be able to reproduce or get back, my head seemed to be bursting at the seams. There was truth in those words.  He chided that revelation of time being lost once its gone.  Perhaps it wasn’t a revelation, but more of a reminder.  A reminder, as the dean on House Party 2 reminded Kid, “TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN.” Indeed, it does not and again the question rises…how will your time be spent? Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.

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